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Edamame are unique soybeans that are harvested at the green stage. They are lightly boiled in water and eaten by popping the beans out of the pods. Enjoy as a snack, and appetizer, or a full meal. Children love edamame.

Frozen edamame are now readily available in many supermarkets and on restaurant salad bars. Fresh edamame are increasingly found in local farmers' markets and through CSA's from midsummer through early fall. When buying from your local grocery store, ask for US-grown!

With the amazing health benefits of soy, we encourage you and your customers to explore and enjoy this specialty food. Read nutrition facts.



Wannamaker Seeds is a specialty crops seed business in rural Polk County, North Carolina. Our mission is to help you succeed in growing edamame soybeans by supplying you with a consistent source of high quality seed. Whether you are a home gardener, a farm, or a large vegetable processor in the United States or in distant countries, we are happy to be of service. All of our edamame varieties are Non-GMO. Additionally we offer several wildflower seed mixes and can design a custom mix specifically for you. Take a few minutes to look around our website or go straight to our order page. Most of all, have a wonderful growing season!

Varieties for the Premium Market
We solely offer varieties (seed size 1000-1250 seed/lb) for the premium edamame market--that is, markets that demand edamame pods of large size, deep green color, and exceptional taste. Clear hilum (eye) soybeans (seed size 1600-2000 seed/lb) that are used to make tofu are not suitable for this market. US consumers deserve the best! Midori Giant and Chiba Green solidly fit in this premium market. Give them a try!

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If you desire 5 lbs or more, SHOP HERE for competitive pricing. Otherwise, you may find our seed in smaller quantities from many US mail order companies. Email or call us if you need a suggestion of one to call.

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ATTENTION Domestic & Foreign Seed Companies: We have over 15 years experience in edamame seed production. We welcome inquiries regarding custom seed production of your varieties or private labeling.

Further discounts on seed pricing occur with pallet size volumes. Give us a call at 803-707-1112.